It Pays To Be A CNA


CNA wages varies from state to state and depending on years of experience.  But overall, it can be a decent paying job especially considering that it doesn’t require a tremendous amount of medical knowledge or preparation.  If you have the right personality and are dedicated to helping others, or if you are interested in getting your feet wet in the medical field, being a CNA can be the perfect opportunity.


Certified Nursing Assistants work in nursing care facilities, hospitals, and private home settings to provide assistance with patients’ daily needs such as eating, dressing, getting in and out of bed, walking and completing various toilet and bath functions.  They can also provide basic medical care such as checking for vital signs and are trained to notice any changes in behavior which can signal potential medical emergencies.


CNA Wages

 In general CNA wages / pay range from $8 to $14 dollars an hour, depending on level of experience.  This averages out to between $17,000 and $30,000 a year.  CNA’s also tend to receive some of the highest bonuses of any profession, from $200 for those with a year or less of experience to as much as $240 for those with twenty or more years.  Salaries can vary depending on geographic location, with salaries being highest in those areas with the highest cost of living.


Though CNA’s generally only need to complete a basic amount of classroom study as well as a CNA exam, additional certification can help to increase pay level.  In most areas, you can find CNA training at hospitals or medical facilities, Community Colleges, or your local Red Cross chapter.  The requirements for certification will also vary by state and there may be extra steps necessary for federal certification.


One thing that works in the favor of potential CNA’s is the ever increasing need for their services.  As the Baby Boomer generation reaches the senior citizen level, nursing homes and adult day care facilities are brimming with patients and in great need of qualified CNA’s.  CNA wages / pay can be affected by this need, with some employers willing to pay more to get the extra staff they need.


In many cases, CNA wages are a little more working in private home settings, though again that depends on the state and the organization you work through. In any case, the care you provide as a CNA can be invaluable to patients who are trying to maintain some level of dignity and independence in their later years.


No matter what the CNA wages / pay, nothing can compare to the sense of satisfaction you can get from knowing that you are helping someone in need.  For people with a lot of patience and compassion, being a CNA can be more than just a job.  Many speak of it as a calling, and it takes an extraordinary amount of dedication and concern.


When it comes to job rewards, those of the CNA go far beyond salary and bonuses. The real bonus is knowing you’ve made a difference in someone’s life. For a dedicated CNA there is nothing that can equal that feeling.

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