The CNA Exam in Summary

What must you learn for the CNA exam? Well, you will need both knowledge and practical skills to function effectively as a CNA. A Certified Nursing Assistant may choose to work in a nursing home, rehabilitation centers, hospitals, adult day care facilities, long-term care services, hospice, or in home care. 

CNA Exam

What is taught in a CNA Exam CLASS?


Typically a CNA exam class will teach you both theoretical concepts and practical skills. The main focus of classroom instruction is on grasping theory while laboratory and clinical practice will aim at giving you the hands-on experience you will need to perform your duties. Here are some of the things you will know once you complete a Certified Nursing Assistant training course: 


  • Basic hygiene  
  • The proper methods for providing basic care to adults of various ages 
  • How to ensure patient safety 
  • The best methods for preventing and controlling infection for both yourself and your patient 
  • Mobility techniques and proper body mechanics used to prevent injury 
  • Way to assist your clients with daily living activities 
  • Effective communications 
  • The proper feeding approaches for each client’s condition 
  • Main health issues faced by adults in long-term care facilities 
  • Administering cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and basic life support 
  • How to take vital signs 
  • The best methods for moving and ambulating clients 
  • Proper client documentation and reporting skills  

These are the things you will learn and be tested in a CNA exam class because these are the skills you will need to perform on a daily basis when you have a job functioning as a Certified Nursing Assistant.

The CNA Exam 


The CNA certification exam is also called the nurse aide assessment examination or the National Nurse Aide Assessment Program (NNAAP). This CNA exam is the final test a nurse aide student must pass in order to attain eligibility for employment and be listed on the Nurse Aide Registry of a specific state. The CNA exam is designed to evaluate the knowledge, skills and abilities that are necessary to safely perform the job of a nursing assistant. The exam is a two part test. It has both a written or oral exam and a hands-on skills examination. A nurse aide candidate must pass both the written and the skills evaluation to qualify to obtain a state nurse aide certification and to be eligible for any entry-level nurse aide position. The National Council of State Boards of Nursing is responsible for developing a CNA evaluation program which takes into consideration both federal and state regulations.


Once certified you have the legal right to obtain employment as a CNA. This can mean a home health care worker, orderly, nurses’ assistant or other worker that serves as the front line and works very closely with patients. Becoming a CNA is a very rewarding career and enables you to achieve secure employment where you have the satisfaction of knowing that you are making a positive impact on people’s lives.



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