CNA Test Preparation

You must take a Certified Nursing Assistant – CNA – exam in order to earn the title. In order to successfully do this, CNA test preparation is essential.  There are many ways to prepare for the exam and many people use multiple methods.

CNA Test Preparation Thru Classes 


The classes that you take for CNA test preparation are the most important part of the learning process. These classes will last from six weeks to twelve weeks depending upon the state that you will be taking the CNA exam in. During these classes you will spend much time learning the fundamentals and practicing procedures. The repetition of the much needed knowledge and the continual skills practice is essential both to passing the CNA exam and to successfully doing your job as a CNA. You must take your classes seriously and absorb as much information during this time as possible. The foundational teachings that you will receive will be the cornerstone of your entire career so do not try to breeze through.


CNA Test Preparation

CNA Test Preparation Thru Review


Much of your CNA test preparation should be spent reviewing your notes from class and any quizzes or tests that you took. It is very important that you look over the information from the beginning of classes. While this information is usually more basic it was covered early on and you have had more time to forget the details of it.

CNA Test Preparation Thru Practice Tests 


Practice tests are available online to help you prepare for the CNA exam. These tests can be taken repeatedly until you are comfortable with the test questions and your results. It is also likely that your instructor will provide you with a practice test prior to the last day of class. The more practice you have the more ready you will be for the real deal. Take every practice test as if it were the test that counts.

CNA Test Preparation Thru Study Groups 


If you can find a friend or two or more that are willing to sit down and review information from class this is a great way to study. The reason being that different people have different strengths and by working together those that are strong in one area can help those that are weak in that subject. This is a great study tool. In fact, there are even study groups online that allow you to ask questions of others and encourage each other.


When it comes to being ready for the test, confidence is the most valuable asset beside the foundational knowledge. If you took your classes seriously and made a full effort to learn all that was available to you that is the best practice. From there it is simply a matter or reinforcing and solidifying your knowledge. Reviewing notes and quizzes, taking multiple practice tests, and participating in study groups will help you to more rapidly recall the necessary information and increase your confidence. When you are confident about taking the CNA exam you will most likely do very well and receive your certification in no time.


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