Why Not Be a Home Health Aide?

If you are looking for a new career, you might want to consider becoming a home health aide. The duties are similar to those of a nurse’s aide, but you work in private homes, usually caring for a single individual.

The things that you will need to do vary depending on the condition of the patient. Many people find this career very rewarding, because they become friends with the patients they are caring for and the patients really appreciate the help they are getting, as well as the company throughout the day.


Home Health Aide

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that there are numerous job openings and the opportunities are expected to grow over the next several years. The requirements to obtain this kind of employment are modest.

So, it’s an entry level position that could be a spring board to a more advanced healthcare career. Many students, both in nursing and in other fields of study, use a job as a home health aide as a way to earn money while they are studying. In many cases, necessary tasks take little of a person’s time, so they have time for study.

Some of the tasks that you may be asked to perform include preparing meals, helping patients eat, helping them dress and bathe. Making beds and tidying up rooms may also be necessary.

If the patient is or has been ill, you may be responsible for taking their vital signs; i.e. their pulse, blood pressure, temperature and respiration rate. The patient may need help getting out of bed or walking. He or she may need transportation to and from appointments.

Payment for your services varies, often depending on the number of hours and the duties required. If transportation is necessary, most families will provide a vehicle or an extra allowance for the use of your own vehicle.

The hours that a home health aide works may be long. Many of the positions are in homes with an elderly family member. One of your tasks might be similar to baby-sitting, staying with the patient until another family member arrives home.

There is often a great deal of job security in this kind of work. You may end up working many years for the same family. You might also work with a number of different families, providing short-term assistance for people that have recently been discharged from the hospital.

Many situations require the help of a home health aide. With just a little training, you could start helping people and begin a rewarding career.

Additional information on home health aides can be found at: AboutHomeHealthAides.com

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