Test Taking Tips for the Clinical Part of the CNA Exam

For most people the clinical part of the CNA exam is the most stressful. While that is understandable the skills on this portion of the test are those that you will be performing on a daily basis so try to relax. To help you build your confidence and remind yourself of some of the fundamentals before you are tested, review this list of tips.

Tips to Review before Taking the Clinical Portion of the CNA Exam 


  • If you use it you must clean it and put it away correctly. This means that you must know what item goes in which drawer. You must also know the right way to clean the items that you are using. This is a skill you will use every day that you work once you become an official Certified Nursing Assistant.
  • For sanitary purposes you should always use a paper towel or a cloth towel to protect your surfaces. This is one of many infection control practice that protects both you and the patient.

Test Taking Tips for the CNA Exam

  • Ask your patient how he feels each day that you work with him. One of your jobs as a CNA is fostering comfort. This should be a big part of the role of the nursing assistant and hopefully a part you enjoy. Do this in the beginning of each procedure.
  • One safety issue that is easy to overlook is footwear. Ensure that both you and your patient have on non skid shoes. Safety is always your number one concern as a CNA and this step will help prevents falls.
  • While you are working with the patient on the bed you must be certain it is at your working height. Proper body mechanics is very important to safety. This will help you to protect yourself from back injury.
  • Safety. Safety. Safety. Make sure the patient is always safe both on your test and as you work daily once you are a CNA. This will make you a valuable asset in your facility.
  • Create the most possible privacy for your patients. Patients have less privacy than they would outside the facility so ensure that you always cover your patient. Help them to have as much privacy as possible while in the facility.
  • It is important not to restrain your patients and to ensure skin integrity. Be certain that nothing that covers the patient, such as clothing or bedding, is too tight.
  • Always move the patient slowly and gently throughout all procedures to protect their skin as well other things.
  • One basic procedure that will become first nature to you is bed down, side rails up, call bell in reach. You will get great scores in safety if you always do this when you're done. 

Safety is always your first concern. Take a deep breath and perform your skills test just as you would your job as a CNA.



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